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Website FAQ's
1. How to Register ?
2. How to Use Scrapbook ?
3. How to Use Services ?
4. Manage Accounts ?
1. How to Register ?

Click the register button on Navigation bar and you will go to the registration page. It will be a three way page mode. Fill all fields and then continue, You will be registered and you wwill also recieve an email of your login details.

2. How to Use Scrapbook ?

Scrapbook is just easy, you have to sign up and find your friends and post the scrap to their scrapbook. very easy interface, you can also post pictures, photos, video to the person's profile. Share links and post any testimonial for a friend if you think he/she deserves that one.

3. How to Use Services ?

How to use SMS, JOKE, QUOTE Service. Click on them and send the stuff to your loved ones. very easy and a popup window will open which will require your details and you are on the way.

4. Manage Accounts ?

Have lots of Images, Upload here and create your own private and Public albums. Public albums will be avaliable for everyone. the private album will not be viewable to anyone unless you grant access to them. If someone request to see your gallery, he/she can send a request to you by mail and you can give him the Accept to give him access. A password will be send to that person to view your profile's Private Gallery.
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